Wed, Jun 1st 9:55AM

Have you ever been in conversation with someone and as soon as you said something, you immediately wished you could take it back? Or perhaps you were on the others side of the conversation and the person you are talking to says something and you can’t believe that that statement, that phrase, or that question just came out of their mouth?
We have many opportunities to get offended and defensive in the course of our lives. And when parenting a special-needs child, there are still many people who, whether out of inexperience or insensitivity, seem to say things that can cause us...

Tue, May 24th 8:58AM

Cost of Comparison

One of the greatest enemies of our present is comparison. Comparison leaves us unsatisfied, ungrateful, and unhappy. Whether big or small, the temptation to compare is always present. And the things in which we have opportunity to compare are endless!

Questions I am often asked about my daughter include,
“Is she talking yet?”
“Can she walk?”
“Can she understand me?”
“Can she do this or that?”
People, with not fault of their own, want to know if they can compare her to a typical three-year old. These are comparisons I can’t...

Tue, May 17th 11:18AM

Our first days with our new baby girl had been a dream. Worries about the possibility of Down
Syndrome had vanished when the doctors said she was perfectly healthy at birth. But everything
changed when we had taken our sweet Charlotte home and the phone rang. My husband answered. I
could tell by the look on his face- an unplanned, unwanted alarm sounded that woke us up from our
dream. Charlotte tested positive for Down Syndrome.

Sat, May 14th 11:13AM

So many times I have prayed and prayed for some specific breakthrough for my daughter,
Charlotte. Her Down Syndrome affects her physically, mentally, socially, emotionally- just like with any
child- my prayers for her never end. I fast, I intercede; praying with all the boldness and faith I can
muster. There are nights I have stood over her crib, quietly crying and interceding for weaknesses to
become strengths and limitations to be no more. I have spent hours in the car crying out to the Lord on
her behalf, so desperate in my pleas for Him to touch her body....

Tue, Apr 26th 10:09AM

It was love at first sight. After thirty-eight weeks, I finally held my firstborn. My beautiful Charlotte Joy. “Charlie,” as we would call her, lay on my chest and wriggled under the bright hospital room light. Not knowing how to comfort her, I held her the best I could. Her sweet cry was music to my ears; to finally hear her voice and see her face was more than I could bear. Though nurses buzzed about the room, cleaning and prepping for Charlie’s first bath and such things, for those initial moments, the world seemed to shrink to just the three of us.
My husband and I stared at her...

Wed, Apr 13th 10:00AM

It’s not my ability to multitask, not my natural scent that can mask how many days it’s actually been since I’ve showered, not the way I can grocery shop with my eyes closed, not my cooking skills- unless you consider mastery of the crock pot as genuine skills, nor is it my ability to carry both children along a diaper bag, toddler backpack, and my purse successfully to the car. Nope.

My single most effective and powerful weapon is PRAYER.

My mom was and still remains my greatest example of what it means to pray for your children. And not just pray,...

Wed, Apr 6th 10:00AM

Ever feel like you just don’t have what it takes to parent your child? The days you find yourself out of patience, out of energy, out of the mom-ness needed to help make it a good day for your child. Or as a Christian parent you may even have days you feel like you don’t have the faith, the right prayers, or the grace to keep going.
Me too…

I find that raising my daughter, it takes so much that I simply don’t have in and of myself. There are days I feel overwhelmed and defeated and that I’m not the mom I should be for Charlie.
But it’s on these days that I have...