The Story Behind the Book

Many have asked about the journey of CHOSEN FOR CHARLIE. Friends and family want to know why I wanted to write a book, what the process was like, if it was difficult, what I want to see happen through this book. Well, here are a few answers to some of those questions. I have done several interviews and have combined a few of the FAQ. Enjoy!

1. What made you decide to write a book?
We have a story and a hope that we couldn’t keep to ourselves! As a new mother, raising a child with Down Syndrome, I battled with questioning of why this would happen to my precious baby, I feared the unknown of the future, and I was unsure how my faith and God’s Word would work together to navigate motherhood. And while in the greatest valley, I have experienced the greatest goodness of God.
If I could have had a mother share with me the revelations that God has given back when my daughter was first born, I would have been forever grateful. I decided to write Chosen For Charlie because I thought if just one person could experience the hope and breakthrough that I have experienced, it would be well worth it!

2. How long did it take for you to gather your thoughts and go from idea to manuscript?
When I had finally decided to sit down and begin the writing process, I simply began to list the greatest revelations God had given me in raising a child with special-needs. From there, my list grew as I shared ideas with family and continued to reflect and pray about what God wanted me to share. The scriptures that gave me truth to stand on, along with personal stories and analogies made each chapter grow and grow until I felt like I shared every last word and piece of my heart.

3. What were the biggest challenges in writing your story?
With this being my first book, I had a lot of opportunity to grow! To write more than an article, blog post, or brief testimony, but to write an entire book was new territory! The challenge to connect ideas, consider an audience, keep the reader engaged, dive into the writing process to an extent I had never experienced was challenging but exciting!
One of the biggest challenges was sharing my writing with professionals who revised and edited. To have your work critiqued and corrected can be a tough thing; I simply had to realize that with others’ help, my message could be communicated more effectively. Rather than fighting for a certain word choice, I needed to stay focused on the big picture and fight for the message!

4. What fears did you have to face in writing your book?
Since I wrote Chosen For Charlie from a vulnerable place, I wrestled with all my weaknesses being exposed. I consider myself a private person, but in my writing, I wanted to be as honest and open as possible so that others might connect and realize they were not alone in their valleys. I found so much hope and comfort from other parents when they were transparent with me about their struggles in raising their special-needs child. I wanted to do the same for my readers.

5. What hopes do you have for your book?
I want lives to be changed! I want parents to experience breakthrough as they raise their child. Rather than struggle, I want them to read Chosen For Charlie and be filled with hope and thrive. I want families and marriages to be stronger as they are encouraged to turn towards one another. I want people to know the power of God’s word and be forever marked by His truth. I want churches and communities to see this book as a great resource to counsel and help parents move forward with their calling to raise their child. I want people to draw close to God as they realize He is their hope and help, not just in raising and caring for a special-needs child, but for their life!