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So many times in life we can feel all alone. Alone in our battle, alone in our pain, alone in our fears or worries, alone as we journey. Life has a way of leading us down a path which we never saw the road signs for, or knew the turns and crossways that we would face.
Though some of us may be introverted, I don’t think anyone ever wants to feel alone. Being alone can be a scary thing. Even still when my husband is away, either for the evening or traveling for work, and the house gets dark, I find myself hearing noises, seeing shadows, and wishing I wasn’t alone to fend for myself. A quick glance under my bed or in the dark closet or even in the empty garage helps me to eliminate the fears, but all the more, I wish I had my husband near to be with me in the dark of the night. Even though I am a 30 year old mother who knows that it’s just a shadow and just my imagination, still inside remains the five-year-old girl who needed a nightlight to fall asleep. The nightlight was the comfort in the dark; there to remind me that just down the hall were my parents and that I wasn’t alone.