Like Riding a Bike... Really?

Am I the only one that seems to have to relearn, re-relearn, and re-re-relearn things at times? There are very few things in life that are like “riding a bike” in that once you have overcome that challenge, you continue in that state of overcoming.
Recently, after a year-long absence, I have returned to long distance running. Even though I have years of training, conditioning, marathons, and races behind me, it’s as if I am re-learning the art of running. As my feet hit the pavement I am reminded of the importance of shorter strides, upright posture, and pacing that is key to finishing well. Even though at one time I could run 26 miles, even with the simplest 3 mile run I am having to go back the basics of what it takes to overcome and not be overcome by the distance that I face.
Much like running, I find myself learning the same lessons over and over as a parent. Daily challenges to be patient, depend on the Lord for strength, and show grace and kindness even when it seems impossible are always there. Even deeper than the daily challenges, there are pains I have in raising a special-needs child, and for some reason continue to have. Even though I have experienced healing and breakthrough on so many levels by the grace and deep work of God, the unexpected can trigger a pain, and I find myself once again in a place where I need to relearn how to overcome and not be overcomed.