Process Of Prayer

So many times I have prayed and prayed for some specific breakthrough for my daughter,
Charlotte. Her Down Syndrome affects her physically, mentally, socially, emotionally- just like with any
child- my prayers for her never end. I fast, I intercede; praying with all the boldness and faith I can
muster. There are nights I have stood over her crib, quietly crying and interceding for weaknesses to
become strengths and limitations to be no more. I have spent hours in the car crying out to the Lord on
her behalf, so desperate in my pleas for Him to touch her body.
There some instances when God has answered my prayers and done a miracle in a moment.
We rejoice and celebrate these victories and give God glory for answering our request. Then there are
other times when the limitation or weakness remains, and I have to choose to continue to pray and
hope. Some prayers are answered instantly while others are uttered year after year. All the while, God is
teaching me to commit to the process.